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About Us


In most homes, our pets are a beloved family member. The thought of leaving them home alone or taking them to a kennel while traveling or working is very stressful. Dogs and cats removed from their familiar environment are subject to emotional trauma and the diseases of other animals. Burglaries and neighborhood crime are on the increase, and friends and family are often too busy to pet sit and house watch. 

Let Happy Tails provide your pets love and care in their own healthy and happy environment, as we give your home a more lived in look while you are away. 

Jennifer Williamson, owner of Happy Tails Pet Sitting, has been pet sitting in Columbia since 2007. She enjoys interacting with the animals and making sure they are comfortable and happy.

Happy Tails would love to meet you and arrange the services you require while away from home. Please call us for more information and to schedule a free consultation. We will come to your home at a time convenient to you and give your pet a chance to meet us. We will arrange all the details so that you can enjoy your travels, knowing that your pet is happy at home.